About EDI


For 2020-2021, the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Week and Graduate Student Orientation Week were planned through a student-driven team focused on all aspects of planning, creating content, outreach and implementation for all 50+ events, which was a huge undertaking due to UCLA's transition to remote instruction and services.

Meet Your EDI Week and GSO Week Coordinators: 

4 UCLA students

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Week Coordinators

  • Khyla Horton, African American Studies, Master's Student
  • Rumsha Sajid, Urban and Regional Planning, Master's Student

Graduate Student Orientation Week Coordinators

  • Letty Treviño, Spanish and Portuguese, PhD Student
  • Riley Mummah, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, PhD Student

Graduate Student Resource Center Staff

  • Sofia Bautista, Program Specialist
  • Sarah Valdovinos, Assistant Director
  • Andrew McClure, Acting Supervisor 


For 2020-2021, in addition to the planning committee (also a part of this group), we brought together a group of campus stakeholders which met to discuss overall direction of each week, created and developed the New Graduate Student Portal through CCLE, and will moderate/host live sessions during both weeks. 

  • Daniel Wong, Assistant Dean, Academic Services, UCLA Graduate Division
  • Francis Jimoh, Vice President, Internal Affairs, Graduate Students Association
  • Jacqueline Suero, Acting Manager, Operations and External Relations, UCLA Graduate Division
  • Nickey Woods, Assistant Dean, Diversity, Inclusion, and Admissions, UCLA Graduate Division
  • Samantha Tagoe, Events and Engagement Specialist, Graduate Division
  • Yuting Wu, Coordinator, Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Professional Development, UCLA Graduate Division

Special thanks to:

  • Jongho Weon, GSRC Program Assistant, for creating all graphics for the portal and website
  • Center for Accessible Education (CAE)
  • UCLA Graduate Division
  • Graduate Students Association
  • UCLA Student Affairs
  • All of the campus partners that have contributed workshops, info sessions, and content for EDI and GSO weeks
  • All graduate student volunteers who will be on panels and sessions throughout EDI and GSO weeks


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